Darebin 2050


Hungry Workshop


Book – Offset printed by Gunn & Taylor in CMYK on Maine Silk FSC Mix 250gsm (cover) and Maine Silk FSC Mix 115gsm (24 internal pages) with 6 page folded cover and saddle-stiched spine.

A brave client with a lofty ambition: Darebin Council wants to shape the future for the better.

The decisions we make every day affect our future. If you ask someone to imagine an ideal future you’re unlikely to get the same vision for any two people. Everyone makes different decisions, which ultimately leads him or her down a different path.

Through concept, design and art direction we developed a tool that would show the people of Darebin how their actions might affect the community they live in.

Filled with neighbourhood places, spaces, boutique business and featuring a cast of characters inspired by the diversity of our community we created an interactive narrative. Featuring the lush urban illustrative style of Guy Shield and the witty words of Apostrophe, the story evolves with multiple decisions on every page, making each read through unique.

The graphic novel was distributed through local eateries, cafes, bars, bookstores and schools and supported online with a responsive, interactive website and street poster campaign.