Hungry Workshop


Business Cards – Foil stamped red and letterpress printed in two Pantone colours on Colorplan Bright Red 270gsm duplexed to Colorplan Mist 270gsm.

Letterheads – Letterpress printed in two Pantone colours and offset printed in one Pantone colour on Knight Vellum 120gsm.

With Compliments – Letterpress printed in one Pantone colour on Colorplan Mist 270gsm.

Envelopes – Foil stamped red and letterpress printed in one Pantone colour on Aura All Black DL envelopes.

Book – Front cover debossed and back cover embossed on Colorplan Bright Red 270gsm. Internal pages digitally printed in CMYK and opaque white by Press Print Digital on Colorplan Pristine White 135gsm and Colorplan Mist 135gsm. Stitched with black thread.

PAN is a unique entity. Their goal is to create environments that empower people with passion to chase their dreams to change the world. People who see the world differently and see opportunities where others see obstacles. Those who have one eye on the business plan, and another firmly focused on the bigger picture. Those that are answering the call of the most burning questions.

We worked with their leadership team to design a logo that represents the power of a question. A question is not the end, it leads to opportunities – to something greater. The combination ampersand and question mark invites us to think deeper. To ponder what lies beyond the answer.

We applied the new brand identity and logo to their business cards, with compliments slip, letterhead, envelopes and a brand book that upends conventions. A that book begins at its end and raises more questions than it answers.