Tim & Rosie


Hungry Workshop


Invitation – Letterpress printed in two Pantone colours on Crane Lettra Fluorescent White 300gsm.

Envelopes – Liners letterpress printed in two Pantone colours on Crane Lettra Fluorescent White 120gsm, die cut and inserted into matching envelopes.

Two very wonderful people asked us to design and letterpress print their engagement party invitations. They were very trusting and left the brief quite open for us – but this can pose its own challenge, where to begin? When we were discussing their event over a glass of wine one evening Rosie described the night simply ‘as a celebration under the stars with their friends’. And so it began.

Jenna worked up the typography, modifying the La Portenia into two shooting stars while Simon illustrated and arranged the stars for the background. After several revisions, the scene was set with the rest of the type set in Archer Light. The soft stock took the fine impression of the star-filled sky very nicely.

We found an old star map in the New Concise Atlas of the Universe (picked up at the recent book fair) which we modified ever so slightly to form the envelope liners. We letterpress printed them as well, using the same mixture of ink so the colours matched perfectly.