Vivian & Yee


Hungry Workshop


Invitations – Letterpress printed in one Pantone colour on Crane Lettra Fluorescent White 300gsm.

Envelopes – Liners letterpress printed in one Pantone colour on Crane Lettra Fluorescent White 120gsm, die cut and inserted into matching envelopes.

We met with Yee in the cafe underneath one of the most spectacular buildings in Brisbane – The State Library, to discuss his and his fiancé Vivian’s wedding invitations. They are planning to marry in November at the library (just like we were, just over a year ago).

Getting married is a big step, and the bold monogram at once celebrates that gravitas and the smaller aspects of the union. The three dimensional monogram uses positive and negative space to create form, while the shading comes from a custom half-tone pattern made from two weights of tiny ‘additions’. The resulting invitations are clean, modern and not only reflect a respect for architecture and the city around them, but most importantly their upcoming marriage.

The invitation was printed on Crane Lettra with a matching printed envelope. For the colour we used a special mix of PMS Black 7: pantone black mixed with a touch more silver than specified, to make the colour a little more celebratory. The invitation was tucked inside the envelope along with a letterpress printed envelope liner with a plan of the city, complete with the Brisbane river winding its way through.

Architecturally inspired too, the type is set in Neutra, from House Industries:

Although better known for his residential buildings, Richard Neutra’s commercial projects nevertheless resonate the same holistic ecology – unity with the surrounding landscape and uncompromising functionalism. His attention to detail even extended to the selection of signage for his buildings. It is no wonder that Neutra specified lettering that was open and unobtrusive, the same characteristics which typified his progressive architecture. House Industries brings the same linear geometry to Neutraface without sacrificing an unmistakably warm and human feel.

Quite happy with the result, we dropped them by Yee’s work, an architecture firm at Southbank. When we arrived back at our desk we had a lovely email awaiting us in our Inbox:

Thanks to you and Jenna for the invitations – the results have exceeded our expectations!

A happy client is a happy us and we wish Vivian and Yee all the best as they build their lives together in Brisbane.