Amina & Nic


Hungry Workshop


Invitations – Letterpress printed split-fountain and digitally printed CMYK on Superfine Eggshell White 325gsm, scored and folded.

Sleeve – Laser-cut sleeves in Colorplan Forest 270gsm, scored, folded and glued.

Envelopes – Digitally printed CMYK on Shiro Bianco White 120gsm with guest’s address and return address.

Amina and Nic were planning on warmly welcoming their friends and family to their home to celebrate a unique family milestone. Our brief was to design an invitation that was special and reflected the Black Rabbit Farm venue. We created a laser-cut sleeve that animates as the guests slide out the invitation. As a nod to the namesake the animation features a hopping rabbit. The result is a tactile, analog effect that is both surprising and engaging.

To capture the spirit of the leafy location and create a sense of discovery, we used layers of leafy green paper with foliage and other farm details. Inside, a split fountain letterpress runs from vibrant yellow to green.

The invitation is a whimsical, down to earth celebration that captures the spirit of Black Rabbit Farm and the lovely family who lives there.