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Unforgettable celebrations begin with unforgettable invitations.

There are no rules for the modern wedding. For some, it's about family, a jaw dropping location or local wine. You could be celebrating in a church, on a beach or in a greenhouse.

However you choose to celebrate, we believe the moment your friends and family open the invitation is when the celebration truly begins.

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We typically work with people like us; those who appreciate craft, design and creating a one-of-a-kind experience. Your event won’t be like any other, so we believe your invitations shouldn't be either. We collaborate exclusively with a limited number of clients each year.

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Custom Design

Our process is simple. First, we'll discuss your story to uncover what is at the heart of your celebration. We'll work together to develop a unique concept based on your story. That concept then drives the design process. Our team creates a bespoke design for your event based on the heart of your celebrations. Then we make it real. We’ll transform the design into a tactile keepsake in our letterpress studio in Brunswick East, to be treasured forever.

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Letterpress is one of the oldest and, we believe, most beautiful forms of printing.

A raised surface is created, inked and pressed deep into the fibres of the paper. The process transforms the flat surface into a sculptural artefact and a delight for the senses. The textured paper begs to be touched. The sculptural impressions of the typography catch the light, and the eye.

The outcome is like no other.

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Want to BYO? If you have a design ready to roll, you're welcome to provide your own artwork. Whether you've created it yourself or worked with a designer, we'll step you through the necessary preparations to get the design ready for letterpress production.

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Your Story

No matter how you choose to celebrate, we'd love to help you get the party started.

Through one-on-one collaboration, we'll tailor a unique design and bring that to life in a way that is cherished forever.

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