Khloris Botanical


Hungry Workshop


Tonic Packaging – Letterpress printed by Hungry Workshop in one Pantone colour on Simcote 315gsm. Boxes die cut and scored by Gunn & Taylor.

Shipping Box – Letterpress printed by Hungry Workshop in one Pantone colour on Kraft Brown Flute Cardboard. Boxes pre-made by Pack Queen.

Labels – Offset printed by Collotype Labels in two Pantone colours on Estate #8 and custom die cut.

Business Cards – Letterpress printed by Hungry Workshop in two Pantone colours on Beer Matt Board 390gsm and custom die cut.

Khloris Botanical Skin Tonic is a skincare product unique not only for its uncompromising simplicity, hand-made properties and pure, natural ingredients, but also in its philosophy towards beauty.

In creating the brand for Khloris, we collaborated together with our client to design the logo, packaging, iconography and key graphics. Like the product itself, the design was also uncompromising in its simplicity and hand-made properties.

The creative journey was finalised in our studio, letterpress printing on all three different presses. The packaging was printed by hand on our 1907 Chandler & Price and the 1967 Asbern Proof Press. The 1971 Heidelberg Windmill was used to create additional stationery and communication materials.

Together, we created a poetic, crafted brand that seeks to reveal a common ground between you and the earth: that both are beautiful.

Photography by Nina Williams.