Hungry Workshop


Packaging – Foil stamped by Hungry Workshop in gold on a kraft bag.

Labels – Digitally printed by Press Print in CMYK on Tintoretto Gesso Adheisve 197gsm and custom die cut.

Particle is set to revolutionise the way we consume the most exciting, delicious and creative spice: cinnamon.

Particle is the highest grade of Alba cinnamon available, imported directly from Sri Lanka and ground fresh daily right here in Melbourne. Not only is cinnamon incredibly good for you, it creates marvellous combinations with so many different flavours.

With Particle being the only supplier of specialty cinnamon in Australia, the market for the product is in its infancy. Our challenge was to craft a premium brand that reflects the quality of the product and reminds us of all the amazing opportunities to add cinnamon into our lives and its positive health benefits.

Whether that is a replacement for sugar in our coffee after your morning jog or on your pumpkin mash after a long day’s work– there is always an opportunity to sneak in a little super spice.

Our brand for Particle is a positive, friendly tool that helps communicate that cinnamon is the perfect addition to almost any meal – and it’s healthy to boot.

For the packaging we crafted a gold foil on kraft bag, printed in-house, combined with digitally printed label stickers. The bags are designed to stand out on the shelves in both cafes and health food stores, and the digital production of the stickers are easily updatable for different markets.