Invitation – Letterpress printed in one colour on Crane Lettra Peal White 300gsm with an embroidered merit badge and kraft string and button envelope.

When Brisbane author Chris Currie and his fiancé Leesa commissioned us to create their wedding invitations we were a bit daunted by the task. It was going to be a challenge to follow up their unconventional proposal that garnered the couple worldwide attention.

Working closely with Chris and Leesa we decided on a theme for the wedding: it was set to be their next ‘Great Adventure’. The wedding was a small and personal affair, set in cabins amongst the bushland in the mountains of the Gold Coast Hinterland. With just twenty invitations going out to close friends and family, we were able to focus our attention on craft and detail.

The invitation was letterpress printed in a hand-mixed red ink on Pearl White Crane Lettra 300gsm and tucked inside a rustic, kraft string and button envelope. A custom designed and embroidered merit badge was carefully sewn onto each invitation by hand. The merit badge, complete with over-locked edge, is sweet memento for all those who participated in Chris & Leesa’s Great Adventure.

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