Invitation – Letterpress printed in one colour on Crane Lettra 300gsm, Stephen 140 gsm and Optix Grey 110gsm, scored and stitched with thread with RISO printed wraps on newsprint.

Just off the Great Ocean Road in Separation Creek sits a well loved surf shack. The place tells many stories. The shack was crafted by a local legend who wore a path through the scrub to the local. The shack has been in the family for generations, many people over many years have enjoyed this place. Dug into the brush next to the ocean, it is rich with texture and character, with warped glass, weathered wood and a misshapen profile. This was the place where Jason and Yvette were engaged and the place were they were to be married.

The invitation is a collection of stocks, finishes and techniques. The envelope appears small, but is actually an A3 sheet of newsprint, letterpress printed by hand in a soft blue ink on our Asbern Proof Press. Tearing through the paper reflects peeling back the eucalyptus scrub to reveal the shack.

Inside is a small booklet, that tells Jason and Yvette’s story as well as being peppered with facts. There is a history of Paddy the local legend who built the house, a map of the surrounding area, tide times from when they were engaged, as well as the weekend of the wedding and the story of how they met (in French class, in the 7th grade).

The invitation is informative, direct, honest and personal–a true reflection of their character.

Photos provided courtesy of Nikole Ramsay.

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