Free to Feed


Hungry Workshop


Spice Labels – Digitally printed by Press Print in CMYK on Tintoretto Adhesive 100gsm.

Postcards, Business Cards & Gift Certificate – Digitally printed by Press Print in CMYK on Knight Vellum Indigo White 160gsm & 325gsm.

Cookzine – Front cover embossed and foil stamped by Hungry Workshop, on Spicers Astrobrights Solar Yellow 270gsm. Internal pages digitally printed by Press Print Digital on Spicers Revive Laser Recycled SPI 148gsm.

We are enamoured with Free to Feed – a not-for-profit social enterprise realising the potential and spirit of refugees, people seeking asylum and new migrants – that sprung up right in our neighbourhood.

We worked with Loretta and Dan to create a new brand identity, that was typographically simple but also with the ability to be playful and exciting. We built a supporting graphic language with illustrations based on the underlying commonality of spices. Drawing from the mortar and pestle this spicy mixture can be mixed and remixed to form endless combinations and character.

We applied their new brand identity to packaging their spices as well as stationery, including postcards, gift vouchers and business cards – all combined with rich, intimate photography.

As part of our support to the organisation we created a fundraiser exhibition and ‘cookzine’ featuring 5 talented Melbourne illustrators. ‘Potluck’ celebrated the Free to Feed cooks through delicious food, art and community.