Hungry Workshop


Business Cards – Letterpress printed in metallic gold ink on Keaykolour Jet Black 450gsm.

Postcards – Letterpress printed in black ink on Wild 450gsm (35% cotton).

Coasters – Letterpress printed in black ink on Wild 450gsm (35% cotton) and custom die cut.

Jakarta is rapidly evolving into South East Asia’s leading cosmopolitan metropolis. was created to act as a functional user-guide for the people of Indonesia to navigate their cultural, culinary and stylistic transformation.

The brand was developed to be a mark of quality, a badge of honour and present Manual as the authority on life and style across the five districts of Jakarta.

It’s not uncommon for Indonesians to carry two mobile devices, so the website was designed with a responsive layout – from mobile to desktop. The typographic focus brings the content to the fore, showcasing the writing and photography of the latest bars, clubs, cafes, restaurants and street vendors.

Alongside developing the identity and website for Manual, we also designed stationery and press passes with in-house letterpress production. For pop up events, we designed a sub brand for Bar/Cafe, which alternates depending on the function and the time of day.