Hungry Workshop


Packaging – Offset printed by Gunn & Taylor in black on Buffalo Board 386gsm, custom die cut to size with zipper perf.

Stickers – Foil stamped by Hungry Workshop in black on Eco Luxury Midnight Adhesive, custom die cut in a circle.

Book – Digitally printed by Bambra in CMYK on Cyclus Offset 250gsm (cover) and Cyclus Offset 100gsm (100 internal pages) with a PUR bound paper spine.

With Compliments – Letterpress printed by Hungry Workshop in black on Wild 450gsm (35% cotton) with envelopes in Midnight Black.

A Lobby Boy is completely invisible, yet always in sight.
A Lobby Boy remembers what people hate.
A Lobby Boy anticipates the client’s needs before the needs are needed.
A Lobby Boy, above all, is discreet, to a fault.
-M. Gustave H. of the Grand Budapest Hotel

With that simple quote, and many lengthy discussions across the oceans, and in person, we designed a logo mark, stationery and packaging for Shantanu Starick’s photographic prints. Our goal was to enhance a moment: an intimate unearthing and discovery of the artwork within. The packaging is rich with small details, antique postal applications, a statement of encouragement and graphic cartography tools.

The prints are accompanied by a book that breathes, and a personal note on timeless letterpress printed stationery.

The ‘South Point’ logo mark is an homage to Shantanu’s international travels and southern hemisphere heritage.