Penny for Pound


Hungry Workshop


Boxes & Bags – Offset printed by O’Kelly Group.

Business Cards – Letterpress printed by Hungry Workshop in one colour on Colorplan Vellum White 270gsm duplexed to 540gsm.

Retail Price Tags – Digitally printed in CMYK on Colorplan Vellum White 270gsm.

Penny for Pound is a boutique wholesale and retail bakery that does classic pastries in a way in which you’ve never seen before.

We partnered with illustrator Randy Mora to develop the floating collage. We paired this with a modern ‘electric’ blackletter logotype. We also developed the crown and raven logo mark to be used across the venue, wholesale tags and retail takeaway packaging and delicious chocolate ‘seals’.

The primary focus for the brand was to create beautiful tangible objects for their customers to experience alongside the tasty pastries. The packaging is as photogenic as the product.