Invitation Set – Letterpress printed in two Pantone colours Crane Lettra Fluorescent White 300gsm and Optix Zoda Lemon 110gsm. Offset printed in one Pantone colour on Kaskad Peacock Blue 225gsm, scored, die and glued. Digitally printed in CMYK on Optix Zoda Lemon 140gsm, Superfine Eggshell White 118gsm and Superfine Eggshell White 325gsm.

After countless trips to Capri, Susannah and Philip had an intimate knowledge of the island – from the restaurants, cafes, beaches and shopping secrets.

So, it was fitting that they held their wedding there, and prepared their guests for the frivolities of an Italian escapade with their local knowledge.

We designed a pocketed folder to house the invitation itself, custom letterpress luggage tags, a detailed itinerary, a set of postcards, a do’s and don’ts list, and tips on what to (and what not to) pack.

The invitation was followed up by a detailed 28 page guide book stuffed into the pigeon holes for the guests to discover when they arrived at the hotel. The guide book contained hand drawn maps from the bride, restaurant reviews, walking tours, interesting houses and gardens as well as tips and phrases that might come in handy like ‘Can I please have a waffle cone with five scoops of gelato?’ which translates to ‘Per favore, posso avere un cono di cialda con cinque palline di gelato?’.

All of which described perfectly the couple’s unique sense of humour, personality and style.

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